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View copies of the AVP(Sydney) First Friday Newsletter

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AVP(NSW) in its thirteenth year continues to expand and develop. In 2003-2004 AVP workshops have continued to be held in the community, prisons and schools.

  • Sydney Community Group continues to run monthly workshops and provide training for other groups
  • Blue Mountains Community Group is growing
  • Newcastle and Canberra Community Groups have been quiet this year with facilitators and participants from these areas traveling to be involved in other AVP groups
  • Prison Group continues regular workshops in a number of prisons. The current focus is on the active programs in Bathurst and Lithgow Prisons where there are strong groups of inmate facilitators
  • Schools HIP or Help Increase the Peace Group continue an active and innovative program in a number of schools, mainly in Sydney. They also run 8-10 adult HIP workshops per year for teachers and parents. So more teachers are either running full HIP workshops or at least using AVP/HIP experiential group learning style in their classrooms
  • Transforming Conflict workshops across TAFE are also continuing to expand in all sorts of innovative ways.
Three new AVP(NSW) initiatives provide exciting potential for expansion in the next year:
  • A series of AVP interfaith workshops have started in partnership with the Goodness and Kindness Program. The idea is to build community, tolerance and links between the Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Christian faith communities. The first couple of new facilitators are training as facilitators. It is planned to expand these innovative AVP interfaith workshops across NSW and other states. A video is planned to document the program and the learnings from the initiative
  • Several AVP taster (mini) workshops were held in Redfern, Sydney with the local community. It is hoped to expand these in the next year. We are honoured by invitations for workshops from the NSW Reconciliation Council and the Eora Aboriginal TAFE College at Redfern
  • Some new AVP facilitators from an indigenous community in Eden are discussing the development of another AVP program.
Other AVP groups
  • AVP(NSW) facilitators continue to be involved in training with other AVP groups in such places as Papua New Guinea and Queensland
  • A number of Australian AVP facilitators recently had the opportunity for cross-fertilisation of skills and experiences with facilitators from across the world at the 2004 AVP International Gathering in Auckland, NZ. It is hoped to expand this exchange of ideas in the next few years.

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Alternatives to Violence Project AVP(NSW) continues to expand its delivery of creative conflict transformation (nonviolence) workshops in New South Wales. Local AVP groups in Sydney, Newcastle, Blue Mountains and Canberra continue to provide a range of AVP workshops in the community, prisons and schools.

Highlights for 2003

  • The AVP-Australia website www.avp.org.au was developed to provide information on AVP workshops throughout Australia
  • Workshops have been held in a number of prisons including Bathurst, Cessnock, Oberon and Lithgow
  • Community workshops are held in Sydney and Newcastle - see the website for further details
  • School (Help Increase the Peace or HIPP workshops) workshops are held in Sydney and Canberra. Sydney workshops are held in a number of schools mainly in the Port Jackson District for students. Regular training programs for teachers and parents are also expanding
  • Interstate training. NSW facilitators are involved in training programs in Papua New Guinea, Tasmania and Alice Springs
  • Thousands of NSW TAFE students have continued to benefit from nonviolence "Transforming Conflict" workshops based on the nonviolent experiential learning styles used by AVP
  • Mini workshops have been held in conjunction with the National Council of Churches Decade of Overcoming Violence
  • Plans are underway for an AVP National Gathering in Sydney and an AVP International Gathering in New Zealand in January 2004.

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AVP(NSW) in its tenth year has continued to expand and diversify its workshop activities. Local groups in Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and Katoomba continue to provide a range of AVP workshops.

  • Katoomba Group this year is providing workshops in John Moroney, Oberon, Lithgow, Emu Plains and Bathurst Prisons
  • Sydney Community Group continues to provide 12-14 community workshops per year
  • Sydney HIPP (Help Increase the Peace Program) Group continues to provide HIPP workshops for school students from years 0-12
  • Newcastle Group has focused on providing workshops in Cessnock Prison
  • Canberra Group has focused on providing HIPP workshops in schools.
Highlights for 2002 include:
  • The HIPP Group has been running workshops for students at risk for a number of years. Over the last two years there have been many more workshops for 'mainstream' students. A large program at Burwood Girls High has seen 300 Year 8 students participate in Basic HIPP workshops. Many have completed Advanced HIPP workshops and this year, for the first time in Australia, students were trained as HIPP facilitators
  • A program has been started in the Port Jackson educational area for teachers to train as HIPP facilitators. Four workshops were held in the last six months
  • AVP(NSW) has continued to support the development of groups in other places like Papua New Guinea, Alice Springs and Rockhampton. A group of people from Papua New Guinea received AVP facilitator training in Sydney early in the year. During the year they have held many successful AVP type workshops in PNG and are planning the training of more facilitators in Sydney next year
  • The HIPP Group has provided HIPP training for teachers from Perth, Brisbane and Tasmania
  • The 2002 AVP-Australia National Gathering was held in Mt. Victoria. Facilitator training included advanced skills in the facilitation of role play, debriefing and HIPP
  • Many thousands of TAFE students throughout NSW have benefited from nonviolence "Transforming Conflict" workshops based on the nonviolent experiential learning styles used by AVP.

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